Invisible Fillings

Do you have old metal fillings?
Or White fillings that stand out just as much?
Tooth coloured fillings that are one plain colour or opaque?

There's more to a tooth than meets the eye

They're not just one colour. They're not just one opacity. They're never just one anything, and they're are no two the same.

It might not be obvious why a filling still looks like a filling, but with our Invisible Fillings we work through all the layers within a natural tooth, recreating each little bit at a time. Our authentic mimicry of nature’s original tooth structure mean you’ll think you looking at a real tooth, not a tooth coloured filling.

Saturday Appointments

By popular demand, the practice is now offering appointments during the week from 7am, as well as on Saturdays. We like to make life easier for patients with their busy lifestyle.