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Dental implant treatment is a life-changing and highly reliable way to replace missing teeth, or to secure a removable denture. At Chester Road Dental Practice, we have years of experience and hundreds of successful cases under our belt, and it is an endorsement of the service our patients receive that they routinely go on to recommend our implants to friends. You know you are at the right place when we can guarantee implants we restore and place for 10 years!

6 Reasons to consider implant treatment:

1. Get your missing “tooth” back! No need for bulky dentures you have to take in and out.

2. They are kind to other teeth. Implant prevent the need for securing a tooth to the neighbouring ones, which can stress and damage them. They also give back the support the other teeth were meant to have.

3. They can secure loose dentures. This means no more embarrassing moments and speech problems. Also you can eat all those things you used to again! A genuinely life-changing treatment.

4. They help save your bone. When a tooth is removed the surrounding bone tends start to disappear, and is often hard to put back. Bridges don’t help this and dentures can make it worse, but if an implant is placed in the site it will maintain the bone just like the tooth did.

5. They are flexible for the future. We expect you implant to last so long it needs to stay useful as other teeth change over the years. The crown or bridge can simply be unscrewed in years to come, and something else can be screwed on just like Meccano!

6. They have a 10 year guarantee. Very little in dentistry comes with 100% security, but our implants are so reliable that if you maintain yours as instructed we promise to replace it should you run into bother. This means you can be sure you’re making a wise investment.

A dental implant is a small titanium rod that is inserted into the jawbone. Initially the rod is screwed into place, which holds it still whilst a process called osseointegration takes place. The surface of the implant has been the subject of much of the research into the technique over the years, and is designed to mimic the surface of bone. This works such that the bone surrounding it thinks the implant is another piece of bone that has fractured away, and sets to repairing it just like any other broken bone. New bone cells form and attach to the surface, actually fusing the implant to the jaw. This process usually takes about 8 weeks, during with time the implant cannot be moved or have strain put on it. At this point the implant is usually left hidden safely under the gum to protect it from infection and trauma. When it has integrated, it is well and truly immovable, and is in the position to have something attached to it. This could be a new tooth crown, or the end of a bridge, or a special attachment for securing a denture. These can be fixed on using a second, internal screw thread.

Saturday Appointments
By popular demand, the practice is now offering appointments during the week from 7am, as well as on Saturdays. We like to make life easier for patients with their busy lifestyle.
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