Private Dental Treatment

As proud as we are of our cutting edge treatments, the back bone of reputation is down to getting the basics right. We have plenty of experience of helping nervous patients with complex problems, but focusing on good, preventative and reliable general dentistry, has always been the key.

Benefit from the very best service available:

  • Appointments for private patients start from 7am, can be made for lunchtimes, and we also open on a Saturday
  • Book appointments in advance and receive a personal reminder call a few days before your appointment
  • On-call service available evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays andn Emergency Call out service if necessary
  • Spend longer with the dentist to discuss your treatments and options
  • Choose 'Ultimate Service' to enjoy further benefits

Denplan Care Plan

Chester Road Dental Practice is very proud to be Key Practice with Denplan. We chose Denplan because of their reputation for unique, patient-orientated plans. We have worked with them closely to develop four plans just for our practice.

At no extra cost, take advantage of:

  • worldwide emergency dental cover
  • free of charge on-call/call-out service for evenings and weekends
  • family discounts
  • trauma cover and more…

Denplan Options:

  • Denplan Care
  • Denplan Essentials
  • Denplan For Children
  • Denplan Ulitimate

NHS Treatment

We are proud to be able to offer dental care on the NHS at this practice.  We have a long established list of regular NHS patients, but unfortunately we are unable to accept new patients onto this list at present.  We do offer a daily dental emergency service in partnership with the NHS, for patients who are not registered at a practice, or for those whose practice is unable to see them. If you are interested in this service please call NHS 111

Hygienist Service

Our California-trained hygienist, Brandy, is a rare example of true passion in the field. Not only is she unsurpassed in thoroughness, but she has an inimitable knack for motivating her patients and a near perfect record in quick, long-term results.

Private patients, or NHS patients wishing to see her on a private basis, can take advantage of Brandy’s astonishing talent. Private plans all include hygienist visits.

Brandy is also now seeing young patients from the age of six, which is a great way to nip bad habits in the bud, and give your children that bit of extra care and motivation.

Adult Orthodontics

Gone are the days of tooth straightening being limited to schoolchildren with great big braces and headgears. In fact, more and more adults of all ages are realising that they need not be putting up with their long standing gaps, sticking out teeth or crowding.

Front teeth problems are usually the ones people are most bothered about, and these are by far the quickest and easiest to solve.

Treatments for this area usually take less than six months, and sometimes as little as 2 weeks. A cosmetic dentist, having undergone extra postgraduate training, can do just as good a job with front teeth as a specialist (but without the hefty fees!).

We generally deal with straightening problems involving the front six teeth (canine to canine). However, we do work closely alongside specialist orthodontists, who would be happy to offer take on more complex treatments that are outside the remit of a dentist.

Treatments options these days are getting ever more discrete. From clear aligners to brackets on the inside of your teeth, we can help you to achieve the perfect smile with the minimal impact on your life.


Our Famous Clear Aligner Treatment

What makes our Clear Aligner treatment unique, is that aligners are priced individually. The more correction required, the more aligners you need. They each cost £200 and need to be worn for 2 weeks – so if you only need one aligner, you can have straight teeth for £200 in a fortnight!

You also only have to pay for them as you take them away, to the cost of the whole treatment is naturally spread out without the need to apply for finance. If you prefer not to take one every fortnight you don’t have to, as when each has finished its job, it will hold the teeth until you are ready to take the next one. You can slow or speed up your treatment to fit around your life and your cash flow.

A clear aligner is a thin, clear, rigid shell, which clips over the teeth with the following big advantages:

  • They are practically invisible when in position
  • They are removable, so you can take them out for a social event for example
  • They double as whitening trays, so you can whiten for just the cost of the gel (£30!)
  • The length of treatment is predictable – each aligner requiring 2 week’s wear

We use three hand picked UK orthodontic labs for all our work, with whom we have a history of consistently fantastic results.


Fixed Orthodontics

The most efficient way to straighten your teeth has always been with fixed brackets. This gives us the ultimate control over the teeth in three dimensions, and is suitable for complex movements.

Brackets are secured to the teeth (usually on the front, but sometime to the backs of them) and a wire threaded between them. The brackets, the wire and the elastics all have the option of being tooth-coloured, metallic, or gold.

Our tooth-coloured brackets, and are in fact formed from real sapphires, making them the best-looking and most precise available. We only use sapphire brackets for treatment, and if you make enquiries elsewhere, make sure you ask if they do to!

Sapphire brackets treatment times are similar to metal brackets, and are available from £2000 for complete treatment.

Treatment options are as follows:

  • Clear Aligners (removable and “invisible”) - £200 each
  • Metal Brackets (quickest) - from £1200
  • Tooth-coloured Sapphire brackets - from £2000
  • Lingual brackets (on the inside of the teeth) - from £2800

Dental Implants

Dental implant treatment is a life-changing and highly reliable way to replace missing teeth, or to secure a removable denture. At Chester Road Dental Practice, we have years of experience and hundreds of successful cases under our belt, and it is an endorsement of the service our patients receive that they routinely go on to recommend our implants to friends. You know you are at the right place when we can guarantee implants we restore and place for 10 years!

6 Reasons to consider implant treatment:

  1. Get your missing “tooth” back! No need for bulky dentures you have to take in and out.

  2. They are kind to other teeth. Implant prevent the need for securing a tooth to the neighbouring ones, which can stress and damage them. They also give back the support the other teeth were meant to have.

  3. They can secure loose dentures. This means no more embarrassing moments and speech problems. Also you can eat all those things you used to again! A genuinely life-changing treatment.

  4. They help save your bone. When a tooth is removed the surrounding bone tends start to disappear, and is often hard to put back. Bridges don’t help this and dentures can make it worse, but if an implant is placed in the site it will maintain the bone just like the tooth did.

  5. They are flexible for the future. We expect you implant to last so long it needs to stay useful as other teeth change over the years. The crown or bridge can simply be unscrewed in years to come, and something else can be screwed on just like Meccano!

  6. They have a 10 year guarantee. Very little in dentistry comes with 100% security, but our implants are so reliable that if you maintain yours as instructed we promise to replace it should you run into bother. This means you can be sure you’re making a wise investment.

A dental implant is a small titanium rod that is inserted into the jawbone. Initially the rod is screwed into place, which holds it still whilst a process called osseointegration takes place. The surface of the implant has been the subject of much of the research into the technique over the years, and is designed to mimic the surface of bone. This works such that the bone surrounding it thinks the implant is another piece of bone that has fractured away, and sets to repairing it just like any other broken bone. New bone cells form and attach to the surface, actually fusing the implant to the jaw. This process usually takes about 8 weeks, during with time the implant cannot be moved or have strain put on it. At this point the implant is usually left hidden safely under the gum to protect it from infection and trauma. When it has integrated, it is well and truly immovable, and is in the position to have something attached to it. This could be a new tooth crown, or the end of a bridge, or a special attachment for securing a denture. These can be fixed on using a second, internal screw thread.