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Nervous Patients

Fear at the dentist is immensely common, and is sometimes referred to as dental anxiety or phobia. People can be affected in a full range of ways, some much more than others.

The key to getting past this problem is in understanding it. We recognise that it can be irrational and cannot be dismissed. Whilst courage will often be needed, facing your fear full-on is usually not actually the best way.

It is up to your clinician and their team to spend the time and earn trust. Only when this trust has been built and nurtured will deep underlying fears be overcome in the long-term. We find helping patients through this truly rewarding, and have a good deal of experience in it. Sometimes it takes months, sometimes years, but it does work, and patients who were once terrified are now devoted regulars.

One major advantage of private dental care is that the time and attention needed for more nervous patients can be given. This makes it easier to approach things on your terms, and at your pace. For nervous patients we particularly recommend Denplan Care, as its “all-inclusive” nature eliminates the need to worry about time taken for appointments.

Saturday Appointments
By popular demand, the practice is now offering appointments during the week from 7am, as well as on Saturdays. We like to make life easier for patients with their busy lifestyle.
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